Welcome to Elizabeth’s Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, otherwise known as E.A.R.S.! We are dedicated to finding a loving home for every rescue dog we receive. We never give up on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming our sweet residents!

E.A.R.S. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to rescuing dogs from central Florida. We are not just a shelter and sanctuary for animals, but also for the people that love and care for them as well.  We pride ourselves on the fact that all our animals are happy and well taken care of until they find their new home.  Our volunteers open their hearts and their homes to our animals in need, as long as that may be.

E.A.R.S. relies fully on monetary and physical donations to fund our rescue mission. If you would like to ease a dog’s suffering, please click our DONATE link above. There are many ways to help a dog in need! 100% of your donations go directly to our sweet dogs!

If you would like to help our dogs through volunteering, please click the APPLICATIONS link above. We always welcome volunteer staff who are willing to make a difference for our dogs!

A small brown and white dog sitting in the grass.

Meet Ybor

Ybor was a 100lb Terrier Mix who was named after where he was found: Ybor City, Florida! E.A.R.S. took in Ybor as a stray dog, and this amazing dog quickly stole our hearts. Ybor was a resident at E.A.R.S. for over 7 years, but true to our word, we never gave up on finding him a perfect forever home. Our patience paid off, and Ybor was finally adopted into his ideal family in 2014. We remember Ybor’s story as a reminder that each and every dog is deserving of love and happiness.